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Our journey began out of a desire to create great tasting ice cream that is natural and free from artificial ingredients.

The Northern cities have always been a melting pot of innovation and straight talking pioneers. This legacy inspires us, as we continue to be forward thinking, creating new flavours, techniques and experiences.
Ice cream is a science – don’t underestimate the skill involved in production! It requires great people and a great passion. Our chef (like his father and grandfather before him) is an ice cream master who is relentless in the pursuit of perfection.

Our ice creams and sorbets are made using a unique and modern recipe developed by our chef over ten years.  It means our ice cream is super smooth and ready to scoop straight from the freezer.

Ice cream is best stored AT -18°C and no colder.  Good storage is key to enjoy our ice cream at its best.

Simply put...

We make great tasting natural ice cream

Northern Bloc for professionals