Bloc Party // Temple

By Liena Wright _ February 22nd, 2018

What do you get when you cross a whole bunch of vegans with an ice cream brand? A pretty epic party, as it turns out. With the launch of our vegan range just around the corner and after two years of trialling, testing (the best bit) and repeating, we were ready to let off some steam.

We invited friends, fans and our stockists to come try our new flavours, though we may have skipped out a few details on our invites, like the fact that our new flavours are dairy free. Rocking up at Temple with the mixologists from Maven, a well stocked scoop bar and some good looking donuts – the scene was set for an epic Bloc Party!

Greeted with a glass of fizz or a beer from our friends at Vocation plus cocktails and mocktails made from our sorbet range – Sicilian Lemon spiked with gin, our Raspberry & Sorrel flavour paired with Prosecco blitzed into cocktails like the Clover Club and the Paloma, plus the booze free Scoop Dogg creation.

The highlight of the night? Definitely the NBºC x Temple donut ice cream sandwiches. The bakery pros at Temple matched the donut glaze to the flavours of our ice creams and the outcome was absolutely unbelievable.

And the whole reason you came here? Okay, we’ll tell you. Our new (vegan) flavours are:
Chocolate & Orange Blossom,
Strawberry & Yuzu,
Peanut Chip,
Hazeulnut & Rose.

We’ll leave you to dream about those for a while.

Northern Bloc x Vegan. Launching March 2018.

A huge thanks to all the brands that supported the night:
Pure Recharge, Honestly, Dr Will’s, The Sweet Pea Pantry, Skinny Beer, Vocation Beer, Indie Bay, Electric Ink and the incredible Temple Coffee Shop.

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