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Ice cream recipes - Chocaholic Freakshake

Chocaholic Freakshake

Rhianna Olivia gets Freaky

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Ingredients - Serves 1

Recipe by Rhianna Olivia


  • Step 1.Melt the milk chocolate
  • Step 2Dip the rim of the glass in the melted chocolate
  • Step 3.Cover the melted chocolate in sprinkles
  • Step 4.Set in the fridge
  • Step 5.Blend together the ice cream (2 parts Chocolate & Sea Salt, 1 part Ginger Caramel) and a splash of milk to thin it out and make it a drinkable consistency
  • Step 6.Pour into the glass and add an extra scoop of ice cream on top
  • Step 7.Top with your toppings! (AKA where I put a mini doughnut on the straw)
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